Murder Mystery

The Langdons' Classic Murder Mystery has been played by thousands! It is available as a Word document free of charge to all participants who attend our training.
Currently, we have 3 Murders up & running. They are:
Anfield Murder - Set in Liverpool during the war years. Mac the star striker has been poisoned. Someone from the Football Club is the Murderer. And suspects include, Terry the Manager, Jill in PR, Smithy the substitute, Leigh the unscrupulous owner, weird Physio Phil…the list goes on…
Steeple Sinderby - Set in the future. A quiet English village with real tensions bubbling under the surface. A cast list that included Greenie the demonic priest, Ziggy the fading rock star, Hil the wannabe actor, Lady Jane young and desirable…the motive is there somewhere…
Parachute Murder - What a collection that get together in this out of the way English Pub! Some obvious faces like David Beckham and Scarlet from Hollywood but then some strange characters from the village; Marilyn, not what she seems, Dr Tam and them some downright oddoties Dr Fischer from Geneva..what is he doing there?!
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