Selling Your Ideas;we are busy with this as a Tailor Made Course, whether experienced salesguys meeting end customers or technical experts who need to sell ideas inside the organisation. One participant wrote after a recent 2 days Selling Your Ideas: " Very hands on. Never said this before but I wish it had gone on for another day!"

Most of us do not enjoy the attentions of the Consultative Salesman. Even less do many of us enjoy taking the role ourselves! What you get with this learning is the realization that persuading people can be fun and your customers enjoy the experience too.


  • Understanding your internal/external customer
  • Building interest in your ideas/need for change
  • Tools to win Trust quickly
  • Tools for the pre-conceived negative attitude
  • Active listening skills to identify your customer needs
  • Reading Customer Body Language Signals and appropriate responses
  • Identifying more hidden needs: risk factors, resistance to change
  • Practice in digging out personal motivation needs
  • Persuading with questions
  • Adjusting/finding appropriate Energy Levels
  • Lobbying Skills
  • Answering Difficult Questions
  • Dealing with Negative Influences
  • More on underlying Individual Motivations
  • Final stages in Selling Your Ideas, Building Motivation and Partnership

How we work

  • Over the 2 days there is a commitment to developing personal skills.
  • When thinking about developing competences the focus will not be on “one right way of doing things” but each participant will be encouraged to search for new ways to enable him or herself to communicate better.
  • The focus of the training is the internal or external customer/supplier. We will be using case studies and simulating challenges which exist in real life.
  • One objective of the training will also be to support learning’s and other trainings
  • Language in the training room – participants will be encouraged to work in whichever language they prefer, English or Finnish. Andy & Steve are fluent in both.


The fee for the training includes:
  • Two training days
  • Lunch and coffee on training days
  • Free Helpline
After training you are eligible to use Andy & Steve's free Helpline Service. For example you might invite us to sit through your important 30 minute Presentation or plan for a key Customer meeting and all for the price of a cup of coffee – for us it's a great investment in Partnership.

Payment and cancellation terms

We have no deposit or cancellation fees. Participants are sent an invoice after the training course.


We aim to limit demand to one course per month. On the registration Page you have an option to select month option for your preferred time.

Open courses

Please contact us for information

In is

  • time for YOU to practice. Get feedback.
  • Informal skills in and outside the meetings,
  • focus on building real partnerships.

Out is

  • lectures on the step-by-step approach,
  • focus on closing the deal,
  • sounding like a salesman.

After the training you will be more confident

  • With less preparation time for meetings
  • To be yourself more when persuading
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Starting Small Talk with new contacts
  • Building partnership even in tough times
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