Selling Your Ideas to A Group (Advanced Presentation Skills)

Whether you are making a Presentation weekly or once a month standing up in front of a group of a people can be an intimidating experience at the best of times.
The focus of these 2 days is quite different from the typical Presentation Skills course.


  • Lobbying skills before the presentation
  • Getting audience buy-in
  • Tailoring the message for your audience
  • Motivating the audience to want to hear more of your message
  • Presenting difficult matters to the Customer
  • Getting interest in your points
  • Stopping the irrelevant question/direction
  • Facilitating discussion
  • Signposting questions
  • Creating a positive platform
  • Managing discussion
  • Creating positive atmosphere to manage even the tough questions
  • Making your visuals work for you
  • Working up benefit statements and discussions
  • Starting discussion after presentation

How we work

  • Over the 2 days there is a commitment to lots and lots of practice.
  • When thinking about presentation style the focus will not be on “one right way of doing things” but each participant will be encouraged to search for new ways to enable him or herself to communicate better.
  • The focus of the training is the audience. We will be using case studies and simulating challenges which exist in real life.
  • One objective of the training will also be to support learning's and other trainings
  • Language in the training room – participants will be encouraged to work in whichever language they prefer, English or Finnish. Andy & Steve are fluent in both.


The fee for the training includes:
  • Two training days and your
  • Lunch and coffee on training days
  • Free Helpline
After training you are eligible to use Andy & Steve's free Helpline Service. For example you might invite us to sit through your important 30 minute Presentation or plan for a key Customer meeting and all for the price of a cup of coffee – for us it's a great investment in Partnership.

Payment and cancellation terms

We have no deposit or cancellation fees. Participants are sent an invoice after the training course.


We aim to limit demand to one course per month. On the registration Page you have an option to select month option for your preferred time.

Open courses

Please contact us for information

In is

  • lots of practice,
  • focus on how the audience look and how you respond,
  • informal skills before and after the presentation.

Out is

  • long waits for your next turn,
  • heavy focus on how you look and talk,
  • focus on the formal style.

After the training you will be more confident

  • That from the start the audience is on your side, supporting you.
  • Planning an interest getting presentation for the right audience
  • Dealing with any questions, even the tough ones
  • Ending your presentation with something else than “Any Questions”
  • Facilitating and chairing interesting discussion with all types
  • Of having something extra to the typical and standard Presenter
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