The Langdons Challenge as myself

Do the ideas of your technical, R&D & sales people get the interest they deserve? Someone has maybe told you about Andy & Steve but you could be easily thinking:

Will this training really help my Sales guys sell more? Will I be more persuasive? Is this new or different from other sales training’s I have seen?

Selling is not a positive word for everyone. Should you send your people on a course with Andy & Steve would people start to like the idea of selling? Will your Customers notice the Difference?

Think carefully about the following 8 questions. For each question you can mark only one answer so you may need to prioritise, so Good Luck!

1) In a sales meeting the salesperson should, ideally,

Take control in a smooth and elegant way
Have control but let the customer think he is in control
Let the customer control

2) Good salesman in discussions:

Encourage Customers to start saying "Yes"
Plan a funnelled questioning strategy
Are curious

3) Getting new business, good salesmen most of all:

Pick up the phone
Develop powerful business planning tools
Arrange meetings with existing Customers

4) Selling to Customers in tough times it is most important to plan

The start of the meeting
The close of the sale/next steps
The whole meeting

5) Recruiting a new salesman in Tough Times you should look for someone who describes him/herself as:

Very lucky
Highly analytical
Excellent in English

6) Starting a phonecall with a new potential Customer your objective should be:

Book a meeting
Find out some needs
Present your Company in a nutshell

7) Your new potential Customer says "You’ve got 2 Minutes". You should:

Present idea/Company in a nutshell. Ask a question.
Asks when is a better time
Starts talking Unique Sales Points (USP's)

8) Answer the next questions True or False

As a team we should not disagree in front of a Customer

True False

If your product offers "outstanding Value" to a customer it is a mistake to tell your customer

True False

A good salesman focuses mainly on the "right people"

True False

When selling it is a mistake for you, the salesman, to point out the negatives of your idea to a customer

True False

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