The Langdons Challenge as a participant

You are going on a training course – maybe this wasn't even your decision; someone just told you were going on this course you may be wondering:

Is it gong to fit with my expectations? Will this be any different from previous training's I have taken? Will it be boring or fun? Will it help me in my job?

Think carefully about the following 8 questions. For each question you can mark only 1 answer so you may need to prioritise, so Good Luck!

1) On a training course how many power-point slides would you like, ideally?

Not more than twenty each day
About ten per day

2) At the start of a Training course do you expect

To jump straight in
A summary of learning objectives
To set my own learning objectives

3) How do you learn the best?

Seeing a demonstration from an expert
Sharing experiences
Me, myself being the teacher

4) When communicating at work do you prefer to

Be a risk-taker
Minimize risks
Avoid risks

5) On a training course on influencing skills you would hope

To get customers sell themselves without even noticing it
To be better prepared with right answers for difficult questions you get
To treat customers more like a friend you would meet down the pub

6) On a good training course you would expect

Clear guidelines as to the right and wrong way to influence people
No right or wrong way to do things
Some simple but effective difficult behavior types to classify customers/colleagues

7) After this training you would hope to

Have more clearly defined goals to my meetings
Rely on my intuition more when communicating
Have more developed argumentation for my ideas

8) Answer the next questions true or false

"Maybe" is a more persuasive word than "definitely"

True False

In a professional training course everyone has name badges/plates to make remembering names easier

True False

For people of same culture Small Talk is often unnecessary

True False

Sometimes a leading question can be a powerful tool, wouldn't you agree?

True False

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