The Langdons Challenge as a new customer

Someone has maybe told you about Andy & Steve, we may have contacted you but you could be easily thinking:

What does this training really offer my team? Afterall, good training is not cheap. How are they different from all the other training companies I could choose from?

Partnership is an easy promise to make. What percentage of your suppliers do you really feel you are in true partnership with? Just supposing you did commit to a course with Andy & Steve will your participants, will your Customers notice the Difference?

Think carefully about the following 8 questions. For each question you can mark only 1 answer so you may need to prioritise, so Good Luck!

1) When I think about how I want my people to be different selling their ideas in real life after this training I would hope for (choose one):

More planning & preparation before meetings
More spontaneity in meetings
More structure in meetings

2) Dealing with negative people at work you need:

To turn attention to positive people instead
To change your own attitude – we need negative people!
Good coaching skills to change their attitude

3) When making a presentation I hope a good presenter to most of all:

Look confident & professional
Look to a chat with audience before the presentation
Look at the audience

4) In my experience the best training results can be achieved when

Group has similar business backgrounds and similar level of English
Group has different business backgrounds BUT similar level of English
Group has very different business backgrounds AND different level of English

5) In Negotiations I expect my best people to:

Put their cards on the table
Keep a poker face with poor cards
Be ready to bluff and hint at cards they may not have

6) If for unavoidable reasons I the customer have to cancel training less than 2 weeks before training date I myself would realistically expect to:

Negotiate cancellation fee on case-by-case basis
Pay cancellation fee of 10%
Pay no cancellation fee at all!

7) The best training courses get the best results:

After a follow-up session 2-6 weeks later
After written feedback and two separate follow up sessions

8) Answer the next questions True or False

When preparing before a meeting it is very important to consider Cultural Differences you might experience

True False

With a good supplier we don't need a contract

True False

It is a good idea to avoid discussions of sex/religion/politics in small talk

True False

Training should be fun

True False

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