Andy Langdon: Connecting Flights - Short stories

“Faced with a drive through France in a day, I realised I had seriously under-estimated the size of the country. My wife and I spent the whole one thousand two hundred kilometres telling each other stories to keep awake – Connecting Flights got its wings.”
"Cunning and beguiling short stories – Andy Langdon may be the next Roald Dahl"
Simon Hoggart, The Guardian
"Realistic and unsentimental view of human failings, coupled with an ironic humour. Andy Langdon's writing is bubbling over with colour, variety and imagination."
Robin Lloyd-Jones, Booker Prize Nominee
"This is a beguiling book, so beguiling that you wonder whether some of these short stories are long enough."
Vic Marks, BBC cricket commentator and The Observer
"Andy Langdon's writing is so vivid that you find yourself entranced in another world, only jolted out of it by reaching the end of the story. One of his tales literally sent a shiver down my spine!"
Ed Dutton, 65 Degrees North

About the author

Andy has long been an admirer of short-stories from Roald Dahl to Michel Tournier and doesn't want the pursuit of art to get in the way of story-telling. ‘I'd rather win readers than competitions. I'm genuinely surprised when people ask me ‘what is the message of this story?’ because plots and people are what interest me.’
Andy is now planning his second book which will be his first novel. He lives in Helsinki with his wife Sari and their four boys plus Tosca the sheepdog.

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